Jul 25

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Fall Ball 2013

Charlie Brown FallBallFall Ball is played every Saturday in September.  The emphasis is on development and fun.  Practices are not expected during Fall Ball.  If a team wishes to practice, attendance is expected to be optional and not affect playing time or position.  Keep the encouragement level high and accentuate the positive is the motto for Fall Ball.


A team’s first game of the day will start with guest coaches from Professional players, Red Sox, Selects, etc working with the team 30 minutes prior to game time.  The guest coaches will lead this teaching/warm up time but team coaches are to assist them.


All players need their own batting helment and baseball glove.  Cleats or runners and baseball pants or sweat pants are to be worn.

Rookie Division  $50  players born 2005-2006
Mosquito Division $75  players born  2002-03-2004 (or under with skill level to play ie senior rookie player)
PeeWee Division $75  players born 2000-2001
Bantam Divisions $75  players born 1998-99 Wood bat

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