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Frequently asked Questions

    1. What if I only want to play if I can be on the same team as a friend?
      Answer:  If that is the most important thing, it can occur at the A level or in the Rally Cap Division, provided the friend also requests.  This is done on the registration form at the time of registering.
    2. What equipment do I need to play ball?
      Answer: A ball glove that is a suitable size for the child, batting helmet, ball pants, athletic protective cup and either baseball cleats or good runners. Your team will be provided with bats, balls, jerseys and hats.
    3. Are there any more costs other than the registration fee?
      Answer: Typically yes.  Teams usually have team pictures done, a windup, tournament entry fees, and possibly team clothing.  This is decided upon by each team and money is collected by the team.  Typically AAA have the greatest additional costs (approximately $200) and A and Rookie the least.
    4. Do I have to go through the evaluation process or can I just be placed on a team?
      Answer:  If you wish to only play A level or you are in the Rookie Division, players are placed on a team. The evaluation process is used to form AAA & AA teams and if that is where you wish to play, you will have to follow the evaluation process as determined by Baseball Regina.
    5. What is the evaluation process?
      Answer:  Players requiring evaluations are evaluated first by independent evaluators in the essential skills of baseball. Then using these evaluations, AAA coaches draft players to tryout for their team.  After AAA  tryouts, players not selected go to the AA pool where players tryout with coaches for the AA teams.  If a player’s skill is not at a AA level, they will be placed on an A team.
    6. Where will my games be played?
      Answer:   Regina games will be played at one of BR’s three parks (Columbus, Lions, and Pacer). Games against other towns will be played in those towns.
    7. What out of town teams will there be?
      Answer:  It changes from year to year, but A teams are typically within 30 minutes of Regina; AA teams are typically within 50-80 minutes with the larger distance being applicable to the older ages;  AAA  may play against teams from Estevan, Swift Current, Yorkton.
    8. How many games will I play?
      Answer: This is dependent upon what level you are playing.  Rally Cap has approximately 14 games and one Rally Cap Day; Mosquito – Bantam:  A Division – approximately 16-18 games, 1-2  weekend tournaments and 1 weekend playoffs;  AA Division 20-22 games, 2-3 weekend tournaments, 1 weekend playoffs, 1 weekend provincials;  AAA Division 22-24 games, 3-5 weekend tournaments, 1 playoffs, 1 provincials.
    9. What days will I play?  Rally Cap is the only division with set days.  Junior Rally Cap plays Tuesday & Thursday and Senior Rally Cap plays Monday & Wednesday.  The other divisions play a variety of days of the week.
    10. What if I can’t afford the registration fee?
      Answer:  You may be eligible for Kidsport which may pay part or all of the registration fee.
    11. My child is born in a year that says they can register for Senior Rally Cap or Mosquito.  How do I know which to choose?
      Answer:  If your child is able to catch, throw, and hit a pitched ball and understands the game of baseball, he/she may be ready to enjoy mosquito level.  If you are unsure, you can have your child go to mosquito evaluations to determine which is a better fit.
    12. Can girls register for baseball?
      Answer:  Absolutely.  Every year we have females playing in Baseball Regina.
    13. I live outside Regina, but there is no ball team at the level  I desire to play.  Can I play on a Regina team?
      Answer:   If your address is a RR, Regina then yes.  If it is not, then you must request a zone release from your Zone Governor.  If you receive a release, you are eligible to play on a Regina team.  Zone maps and Zone Governor contact info can be found at www.saskbaseball.ca
    14. What is the difference between RBA and Baseball Regina?
      Answer:  RBA is what we were called 10 years ago.  We changed our name to Baseball Regina.  There are still a few people that call us RBA.
    15. What is the difference between Baseball Regina and Little League?
      Answer:  Please read our chart (BR/LL Comparison chart)
    16. Why are there two different leagues for the same sport?
      Answer:  We wish there wasn’t but the biggest reason is that Baseball Regina believes strongly in:  1) the team you start the year with is the one you go to the provincials with instead of disbanding and forming an all star team, thereby taking the provincial opportunity away from dozens of players; and  2) keeping players of like skill level together through the process of three tiers.  Little League has a different philosophy in these fundamental areas.
    17. Can I play in both leagues at the same time?
      Answer:  While there is nothing stopping you from registering with both, Baseball Regina coaches expect you to commit to your Baseball Regina team 100%.

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