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Welcome to the Mosquito Division

Division Director – Wayne Bigalky    306-352-5096    cvan@accesscomm.ca

All players are required to have their own batting helmets.
Players on AAA and AA teams require their own baseball pants.


Mosquito AAA teams will be formed using a 2016 Draft Guidelines.  AA & A players will then be zoned.

**** Please remember that the Regina ball parks you play in are run by volunteer boards.  Whatever park is your “home” park, be a willing participant there – if you can hold a hammer, pick up garbage, weed or use a paintbrush, you can play a vital role at the park.  Check at the clubhouse to offer your assistance.

Please see our Operating Rules (Mosquito) for a full listing of rules, but some important highlights are:

  1. Curve balls are not allowed. Umpires will impose penalty – see Curveballs.
  2. Baseball Regina follows the SBA Pitch Count Rules for all league, tournament & playoff games
  3. 6 inning games. If one team is up by 10 runs after 4 innings, they shall win the game; however the game may be continued for practice purposes with the consent of both coaches.
  4. Until June 1, no new inning may start after 8:15 pm; after June 1, no new inning may start after 8:30 pm.
  5. Every body bats & every player must play at least 2 defensive innings in the first 4 innings of a game.
  6. No leading off. Runner must stay in contact with the base until the pitch crosses the plate.
  7. Mosquito “A” only rule:
    – the pitching distance is reduced to 37 feet
  8. Mosquito “A” and “AA” only rule:
    – base runners only score on a play initiated by contact or forced play.

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