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Pee Wee

Welcome to the PEE WEE DIVISION

Division Director:   Darryl Keller       dkell@sasktel.net

All players are required to have their own batting helmets.
Players on AAA and AA teams require their own baseball pants.

PW AAA teams will be formed using 2016 Draft Guidelines. AA & A players will then be zoned.

**** Please remember that the Regina ball parks you play in are run by volunteer boards.  Whatever park is your “home” park, be a willing participant there – if you can hold a hammer, pick up garbage, weed or use a paintbrush, you can play a vital role at the park.  Check at the clubhouse to offer your assistance.

NEW: The SBA has ruled that PW AAA & AA zones, provincials, westerns & nationals will use pitch count instead of innings pitched. Check for updates about this. PW A will still follow innings limits.

Please see our Operating Rules (Pee Wee) for a full listing of rules, but some important highlights are:

  1. As per SBA pitch rules, no curve balls allowed prior to June 1 (umpires to impose rule).  After June 1, curve balls allowed.  Baseball Regina supports limited use of curve balls to protect young arms.
  2. Baseball Regina follows the SBA Pitch Count Rules for all league, tournament & playoff games
  3. PW AAA & AA, 7 inning games, PW A, 6 inning games. If one team is up by 10 runs after 4 innings, they shall win the game; however the game may be continued for practice purposes with the consent of both coaches.
  4. Until June 1, no new inning may start after 8:15 pm; after June 1, no new inning may start after 8:30 pm.
  5. Everybody bats & every player must play at least 2 defensive innings in the first 4 innings of a game.
  6.  PW “A” only: Pitching distance is reduced to 44 ft.  Strongly suggested that “experienced” pitchers pitch from the regulation 48 ft.

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